Monday, October 19, 2009

Question of the Week

What was the craziest thing you ever did when you were Sammy?

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  1. I think one of the Craziest things I did was the repelling during Homecoming. If you have been around the area for a while I am sure that you have heard the story as it made even the News in Houston.
    Well homecoming was coming up soon and I needed a good skit for the game. I wanted something that people would remember for a while and something that would fire everyone up. Little did I know what I was about to do was to fire up the wrong people!
    So I set off to get everything put together, permission from everyone, costume items and most important of all, the ropes and some good people to man them in case I got stuck. So I talked to the Athletic Director about going off the side of Bowers Stadium and he said no problem then talked to a few other people who said the same thing. Then I talked to the ROTC department which I was a member of and they once again said it was fine.
    Homecoming night is here and I got the announcer to say something to the effect of “Hey there is Sammy on the wall, what is he doing” then the cheer leaders started chanting “Sammy Sammy” and pointing. Once everyone spotted me, I hooked up and started down the wall. Now, I had taken one of my Army uniforms and cut the pant legs off, and cut the sleeves out of the shirt so there was a large orange BearKat going down the wall with camo on. Oh yeah, the most important is the dummy weapon. That is a rubber M-16 that we use for training.
    I scaled the wall with spotters on top and bottom yelling out how far I had to go as I could not see anything and almost lost my head halfway down. Got to the bottom was unhooked and then I did what we call in the military a 3 second rush towards the other team. The crowd was loving it! I heard from many people over the next week that they loved the skit, even people who did not know who I was.
    Now the controversy. Some people did not like it. I got a call that night saying I needed to be in the Dean’s office in the morning. It turns out that in my youth I forgot to do one important thing…. “GET IT IN WRITING”. Because someone up high did not like what I did all of the sudden the only person that remembered giving me permission was the Commander of the ROTC department. Funny how that works! I got suspended for two games, which happened to be away games so it was not too bad. One of the Houston News cast came down and did a story on it and it was in the local and SHSU paper causing an uproar. There were poll takes asking if Sammy deserved to be suspended and all kinds of things. I did however make the yearbook! Ha ha. Somewhere I have a picture of that and will have to find it and post it.