Thursday, October 8, 2009

All my memories of being an SHSU mascot are incredible! Each moment was wildly unpredictable, joy-filled, and so much fun! From push-ups in the end zone to dancing on stage with the Beach Boys in the Astrodome, these are truly my most treasured moments. I LOVED my top hat and tux, the clown suit I made and of course my jersey as Sammy the Bearkat. I drove Sammy farther than we ever thought he could go in a blue and orange golf cart all OVER the campus! The media blitz announcing Sammy's reported "accident" allowed us extra time to get our new uniforms. Sammy and Samantha arrived at that first pep rally in a balloon-filled ambulance to the roar of an awesome Bearkat crowd!
Give 'em hell Bearkats!

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