Thursday, October 8, 2009

Formersammy09's Sammy memories

Good to see all these great minds in one blog.
A few memories I have of my tenure as that ol bearkat included:

Unicycleing and having the thing break and end up in an uncomfortable place

Mini-biking and having my styish shirt get sucked in the tire behind me and strangling me off the bike

Getting speared by a LARGE SFA lumberjack after kicking him in the butt

Having a mom ask me if I was a guy then giving me a hug and saying "oh yea you are a guy..."

Watching someone outside of the suit on the four-wheeler run over the Eastern Central Oklahoma's head coah with Airkat on that guy could roll

Counltess hours in the paint room practically breathing spray paint then sneezing black.

Parasailing in Daytona with a few USC girls and Sam paid for it

completing a whole competition video then having my computer crash

Doing a punch front at a mens basketball game and having my head fly off in the middle of the court...I landed it by the way. Surprisingly no video was taken of this.

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