Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question of the Week

Did you ever fear for your life when you were Sammy?


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  1. I think the time I was most frightened was at a Rice game. This was the first year that I had done Sammy and also the first time to ever be at Rice. Well, there were a bunch of people on the field dressed in regular clothing so I thought they were just students hanging out. I had a super soaker water gun and a sprayer used to spray for bugs, the type that you have to pump several times to build pressure. I put water in it and the outside had a sign that said "Owl Spray". Long story short, I was on the field spraying for owls when I heard a guy yell "Get him". I looked back to see about 20 guys running towards me. I dropped the spray and grabbed my water gun and ran like hell, which was not fast as I had those huge feet on. Very quickly they got me and I was up in the air above their heads being hauled off to center field, while pointing my gun downwards spraying all I could. Unfortunately that was my only defense. Not long after that I was put down and made it out alive. It turns out that the Cheerleaders rescued me. I got out of it with a few bruises and a torn off tail, well, my pride was a little hurt too. Turns out that group of people was the Rice band called the Mafia and they do not wear uniforms.

    I made up for my lost pride when their mascot was messing with me and got a little rough. I finally got ticked and drop kicked him right in front of the student section. Once again I ran (I do not make a habit of running, only when in a large orange suit) and I got cheers from all of the SHSU Students. It was one that I will never forget. I got a few bad comments in the stands when I sprayed their students with owl spray also, but no attacks.