Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homecoming FAQs

SwmMom and I spoke this morning, and she had some questions - some of which I had never even considered. We thought it might help other Sammys, so here they are, along with the answers:

Q: What should I wear?
A: Parade - casual
Reception- business casual will be fine
Football game - whatever you would normally wear to a football game. You will receive a Sammy Bearkat T-shirt, so you can change into that if you'd like.

Q: Will there be food?
A: There is usually tailgating-type food at the Student Activities tent in the tailgating area before the game. There will also be food available at the concession stand at Bowers stadium.

Q: Where do we go?
A: The parade lineup is in the Bowers Stadium parking lot. This is also where the Student Activities tent will be during tailgating before the game on Saturday. The reception on Friday will be in the Lowman Student Center, which is in the center of campus.

Q: Where the heck is Bowers Stadium?
A: (Note: It never occurred to me that many former Sammys performed at Pritchett Field and have never even been to Bowers Stadium) Bowers Stadium is near the library and the coliseum. If you remember how to get to the library or the coliseum, just go there and look across the Intramural fields up the hill. You can't miss the stadium.

Q: Will tickets be available for my family?
A: Yes! Pick up tickets to the game for you and your family free of charge at the Department of Student Activities tent at the tailgate event before the game.

Q: Will we all be sitting together?
A: Yes. All the complimentary tickets will be in the same section.

Q: Where do I park? Does it cost to park?
A: It doesn't cost anything to park. There is parking available in several parking lots near the stadium, although not IN the stadium parking lot. Tailgating will be going on there. Try parking in the intramural field lot, at the library, or in the lot near the criminal justice building and the university hotel. There is also some parking on the street near the stadium.

If you think of any additional questions, be sure to let us know and we'll try to get them answered ASAP!

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