Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Making of Fiesta Sammy

Ever wonder what goes into the making of a Sammy Bearkat illustration?



Well, I'll tell you anyway. Actually, I'll show you. Unlike the last time, I remembered to capture the whole process. Actually, what you don't see is the stuff that isn't done on the computer: the sketching, drawing and inking process. But this part is pretty interesting, too, I guess.

This is an illustration for the upcoming Bearkat Family Weekend 2010 with a "fiesta" theme. The client wanted a postcard look with a "fiesta Sammy" playing the guitar in a an "Old El Paso" kinda environment.

First, the finished product:

And now, the video, sped up 21x, showing how a Sammy illustration is taken from scanning from proof. I hope you enjoy. And please forgive the little popup at the beginning. YouTube thinks it's okay to put a tag on my video that I can't seem to find a way to remove. The video is also available in HD on YouTube.

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